• Environmental Considerations and Legislation
  • Environmental Measurement and Monitoring
  • Protection of Air, Soil and Water
  • Environmental Aspects of Engineering Technologies
  • Tools of Environmental Management
  • Sustainable Development
  • Process and Environmental Engineering
  • Wastes Management
  • Recycling Technologies
  • Sustainable and Renewable Energy
  • Clean Technologies
  • Global Change
  • Green economy
  • Materials and Eco- and Industrial Design Engineering
  • Software products for Environmental Studies
  • Modelling of Environmental Dynamics
  • Objectivization and Vizualization of Environmental Factors

The 8th ICEEE-2017 Conference wish to bring together the expert academics, researchers, scientists, engineers, consultants, managers and contractors, safety and health officers, economics and individuals from world institutions to participate, create, share, support and develop the future strategies to minimize and to eliminate the environmental pollution to ensure the environmental sustainable development and management.

  • Plenary lectures of invited speakers
  • Oral sessions
  • Dialog (poster) sessions
  • Panel discussions
  • Exhibition and showcases

All contributions will be reviewed and published in journal “Scientific Letters”, ISSN 1338-9432. On the basis of the submitted papers and their topics the scientific committee will recommend them for publication in particular journals indexed in the SCOPUS database.


Abstract Submissions and registration 10th of August 2017
Submission of draft paper according template 4-6pp 3rd of September 2017
Notification of acceptance and comments of reviewers 13th of September 2017
Submission of full corrected paper (Final version due as camera ready copy) 24th of September 2017
Final conference program and last info 1st of October 2017



Manufacturers, providers, operators and start-upers of new education applications and services will have a chance to exhibit their new products, services and equipment during an exhibition organized as a part of the conference. For more information about the exhibition please contact the conference secretariat (by e-mail / letter / phone).

VISA – Important information

The Organizing committee will not provide participants with an invitation letter on the official form of the alien police for the EU visa purposes. There as on is that such official form assumes organizer (elfa, Ltd.), as the inviting institution, to take all the responsibilites (even financial) for the invited participants. Due to safety reasons, elfa, Ltd. cannot keep such responsibilities for purposes of the ICEEE 2017 conference. We ask the registered participants from non-EU countries with a visa obligation to take this limitation into account seriously.

Conference language

Official conference language: Slovak and English language.

The contributions are accepted in English only.


Registration through the conference web page with uploading full text of the intended contribution within range of 4-6 pages prepared in the MS Word and published in PDF according to the instructions and ICEEE template is expected by June 15, 2017.

Each contribution will be review by min. two international program committee members. The results or proposals for modification will be send to the authors at least July 30, 2017. The final paper for the IEEE conference proceedings preparation has to be uploaded to the conference webpage at least September 10, 2017.

Fees: 250 EUR



Prof. Ing. Stanislav Kmeť, CSc.Technical University of Košice, Rector
Prof. Dr. Mihály RégerÓbuda University, Budapest, Rector

President of ICEEE

Prof. Dr. habil. Hosam Bayoumi HamudaÓbuda University, Budapest

Honorary President of ICEEE

Prof. Dr. habil. István Patkó 

General Chair

Prof. Ing. Jozef Bocko, CSc.Technical University of Košice, Director

General Secretary

Assoc. prof. Lýdia Sobotová, PhD.Technical University of Košice, ICEEE General Secretary

Members of Organising Committee

Assoc. prof. Ing. Ružena Králiková, PhD.
Assoc. prof. Ing. Lýdia Sobotová, PhD.
Dr.h.c. Ing. Michal Varchola, PhD.
Ing. Marek Moravec, PhD.
Ing. Pavol Liptai, PhD.
Ing. Tibor Dzuro, PhD.
Ing. Beata Hricová, PhD.
Ing. Miriama Piňosová, PhD.
Ing. Anna Badidová
Ing. Miroslava Jamborová

International Members of Scientific Committee

Dr.h.c. mult. prof. Ing. Miroslav Badida, PhD.
Prof. Dr. Hosam Bayoumi Hamuda
Prof. Dr. István Patkó
Prof. Ing. Ľubomír Šooš, PhD.
Prof. Dr. Eberhard Schmidt
Prof. Dr. Feliks Stachowicz
Prof. Dr. Olena Bykovska
Prof. Dr. Ketevan Goletiani
Prof. Dr. Serhiy Shkarlet
Prof. Mgr. Juraj Ladomersky, PhD.
Prof. Dr. Badri Gechbaia
Prof. Dr. P.S. Syed Shabudeen
Prof. Dr. Marina Frontasyeva
Assoc. prof. Ing. Imre Kiss, PhD.
Prof. Ing. Vojtech Dirner,CSc.
Prof. Dr. Abdalla A. Ahmed
Prof. Ing. Mária Čarnogurská, PhD.
Assoc. prof. Ing. Ján Kmec, PhD.
Assoc. prof. Ruslan Mariychuk
Assoc. prof. Anna Rudawska, PhD.
Assoc. prof. RNDr. Miroslav Rusko, PhD.
Assoc. prof. Dr. István Bíró
Dr. Siniša Bikić
Prof. Dr. Ákos Rédey
Dr. Lyudmila Symochko


Pakayiyaha Arojizizopiyupakayiyaha
Uhudekiraarei Assusazavalauhudekiraarei
Miroslav BadidaStrojnícka fakulta
Anna BadidováStrojnícka fakulta
Prof. Dr. Hosam Bayoumi HamudaÓbuda University
Ľubica BednárováDepartment of Power Engineering
Imre BiczóÓbuda University Rejtő Sándor Light Industry and Environmental Engeneering Faculty Environmental Engineering Institute
Jozef BockoFaculty of Mechanical Engineering
Rita Bodáné KendrovicsÓbuda University Rejtő Sándor Light Industry and Environmental Engeneering Faculty Environmental Engineering Institute
Anna BohersMatej Bel University
Tomáš BrestovičDepartment of Power Engineering
Ipqsewiqay Daiutixezareipqsewiqay
Ludmila DulebovaTU of Kosice
Martina DulebováTechnical University of Kosice, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Safety and Quality
Anna DuricovaTU vo Zvolene
Tibor DzuroStrojnícka fakulta
Juraj FazekašUniversity of Prešov
Danica FazekašováUniversity of Prešov
Jarmila FialováTechnical Univerzity in Zvolen, Faculty of Ecology and Environmental Science, Department of Environmental Engineering
Oksana FizerUzhhorod National Univarsity
Vitaly GerasimovMukachevo State University
Michal HornakUniversity of Prešov
Uzivaei Hosoaddzukiuzivaei
Beata HricováTUKE
Emilia HroncováMatej Bel University
Miroslava JámborováTUKE, SjF, KPaEI
Monika KarkováVysoká škola technická a ekonomická
Ľuboš KaščákSjF TUKE
Abdussalam Ashour KhalifSzent István University
Ján KmecVysoká škola technická a ekonomická
Ružena KrálikováTechnical university of Kosice
Patrik KurucInstitute of Recycling Technologies, FMMR,TUKE
Juraj LadomerskýMatej Bel University
Pavol LiptaiTechnical university of Kosice
Janka MajerníkováStrojnícka fakulta TUKE
Ruslan MariychukUniversity of Presov
Jozef MartošU.S.Steel Košice, s.r.o.
Alica MašlejováU. S. Steel Košice, s r.o.
Eva MichaeliUniversity of Prešov
Alžbeta MikulováTechnická univerzita v Košiciach
Andrea MiškufováTechnical University of Košice
Oleksandr MolnarUzhgorod National University
Marek MoravecTechnical university of Kosice
Afroditaenawl MytishienawlAfroditaenawl
Juraj OndruškaSTU v BA, Strojnícka fakulta
Voqegunu Ouediyactvoqegunu
Melofexuzahic Owijereenehasmelofexuzahic
Dominika PalaščákováTU SjF Košice, KVT
Miriama PiňosováTUKE Košice
Miroslav RuskoMateriálovotechnologická fakulta so sídlom v Trnave
Belghemmaz SalahLaboratory of Valorization of Biological and Natural Resources, Faculty of Life and Natural Sciences, Ferhat Abbas University, Sétif-1
Juraj ŠeboTechnical University of Košice
Dušan ŠeboSEBEX Slovakia s.r.o.
Katarína SenderskáTU of Košice
Lydia SobotovaTU of Kosice
Emil SpišákStrojnícka fakulta TUKE
Felix StachowiczPolitechnika Rzeszowska Wydzial Budowy Maszyn I Lotnictwa, Rzeszów
Abozaxakuc Ujahiedofabozaxakuc
Epuboeeelis Uowijezuxuhugepuboeeelis
Afizoca Urepaguafizoca
Atumlol Uwenawufatumlol


High Tatras - Vysoké Tatry

an area whose natural beauty makes it one of the most remarkable recreation areas not only in Slovakia but in all of Europe. Among other things, the High Tatras offer exceptionally clean air and a unique climate, leaving every visitor feeling better, especially those who take advantage of the many health spa treatments available. Hiking paths, ranging from gentle to highly demanding, wind among spectacular peaks and rock walls. A complete spectrum of Slovakia hotels and restaurants await guests whether they come looking for the beauty of the outdoors or for simple relaxation. The High Tatras environmental so provides a special variety of sports and recreation facilities.

Hotel website:

Accommodation promocode: ELFA

Grandhotel Praha****, Tatranská Lomnica

Grandhotel Praha has been writing its glamorous history since 1905. It was built in beautiful Art Nouveau style, which takes you back in time to the era of a real fairytale in the Tatras. The hotel is located in Tatranská Lomnica and offers accommodation in 106 rooms and 19 suites.

A new wellness centre that offers spoiling and stylish wellness packages in the Tatras is the most precious jewel of the hotel. The idea of combining healing effects of Tatra nature and local spa tradition is embodied in the Grand Mountain Spa. Treatments, massages and own cosmetic products based on herbs, forest fruits and other treasures of Tatra nature are available only in our Wellness & Spa centre and all hotel premises. You will feel it everywhere you go – when savouring healthy delicacies of the local kitchen or sleeping on special herbal pillows.

An outdoor infinity pool with breathtaking views, whirlpools, saunas and a big indoor pool offer flawless relaxation after a hiking trip or a day on the ski slope.

Tatranská Lomnica 8
059 60 Vysoké Tatry
Central reservation department:
Tel.: +421 44 290 13 38
Tel.: +421 52 44 67 941, +421 52 44 67 942
Fax: +421 52 44 67 945
Contact for travel agencies and tour operators:
Tel.: +421 052 370 0111


Getting to Tatraska Lomnica

Tatranska Lomnica is one of the biggest and nicest settlements in the area of High Tatras. It is situated about 20 Km from Poprad and 135 Km from Kosice, the two closest cities with an international airport.

Depending on the arrival location and times a shuttle service to/from Kosice, or Poprad might be offered on the arrival/departure weekends.

By Plane

There are two international airports close to Tatranska Lomnica: Poprad and Kosice. Both airports can be easily reached by regular flights (Air France/KLM, Alitalia, Delta Airlines, Czech Airlines, Aeroflot, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Air Canada etc.) from most European as well as international cities via Prague or Vienna.

For those flying to Kosice, the best option as of getting to Tatranska Lomnica is to travel by IC (InterCity) trains to Poprad and then from Poprad by local trains or by the Tatra Electric Railway to Tatranska Lomnica. For more details, please see the section "By Train" below.

Airport Poprad

For more information about airlines serving Poprad and arrival/departure timetable please click on the following link:

For those arriving at Poprad airport, you are required to proceed to Poprad Railway Station by taxi services.

Airport Kosice

For more information about airlines serving Kosice and arrival/departure timetable please click on the following link:

For those travelling to Kosice airport, you are required to proceed to Kosice Railway Station by bus nr. 23:

By Train

Use the direct train connections (InterCity trains) to Poprad from Vienna, Bratislava or Kosice. From Poprad you can reach Tatranska Lomnica either by local trains or by the Tatra Electric Railway. The local trains end directly in Tatranska Lomnica whereas the Tatra Electric Railway requires changing trains in Starý Smokovec.

For more information about train connections and schedules, please click on the following link:

Click here to see as of how to reach the Grandhotel Praha from Tatranska Lomnica Railway Station.

By Car

Slovakia is now in the process of connecting its key cities and borders by highways. Most of them are ready but some short segments are still being built. However, the rest of smaller roads are generally in a good condition. Slovakia imposes a "road user fee" for certain roads. The fee applies to all Slovaks and foreigners. The fee varies according to the engine size. Stickers can be purchased at border crossings, gas stations and post offices.

For information as of how to reach Tatranska Lomnica, click on the following link: